Cantata 101: Experience Points

Welcome back to another Cantata 101! For this edition, we’ll be providing an overview of a mechanic that serves as a subtle driver of many of your decisions in both campaigns and multiplayer – experience! As we’ve previously talked about in these blogs, and something we’re interested in conveying through every aspect of gameplay, the campaigns and battles in Cantata do not represent small-scale skirmishes, nor century-spanning longue-durée movements. Instead, our Cantata focuses on the medium-term, logistical scale: supplies and their organization matter, as do the movement of troops, and the information you obtain, spanning across geographies and chronologies that encompass many different conflicts and contacts. As such, our “battles” are sufficiently expansive that learning and growth begin to factor in. As you fight, explore, extract and entrench, your units, as well as your commanding officers, will gain experience, growing and evolving as you play in vital ways.

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