Intel & Fog of War


Interesting design. I like the look of the networked logistics side of it.

I’m assuming that Fog of War exists in some way or another. Is there any focus on recon, eg. probing the FOW to find out where the enemy is or isn’t?

How much intel do you get once you’ve, for example, pushed back the fog of war, revealed the enemy and their locations but then retreated your units? Would the fog of war revert or is it a case of once revealed, always revealed?

[Edit] Answered my own question by poking around a forum post here


Happy to just expand on this even if you found an answer :slight_smile: There is definitely a focus on recon in Cantata, especially as it relates to factions. For example, the Alien faction in general is more brittle, so they have to be more aware of the state of the map and where an enemy is at.

In terms of information that remains after fog of war, right now the only thing you can still see on the map are the tiles you revealed. However, I definitely think having some sort of “shadow” of a unit in a spot after the tile is covered up is not out of the question, that way you can just remember what was there without needing to mentally log it.