New Stream Series Announcement: Modding!

Hello everyone!

In case you missed the announcement on our Twitter or Discord channel, we’re kicking up a new series of livestreams! We want to give people deeper insight into what’s possible with the Cantata modding tools, as well as give you a deeper peek at all the mechanics in the game working in concert!

Our first stream will be THIS WEDNESDAY, 11AM EST, on our Twitch channel, We’ll also be streaming to our Steam page, so you can watch there as well!

For this first stream we’ll be focusing on importing custom terrain tiles into the game, and in subsequent streams we’ll be diving more into custom units and buildings!

In case you miss the stream, we’ll also be posting the archived video to our Youtube channel so you can refer to it later when making your own mods!

Hope to see you there!

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Hello everyone! We had a great stream and were happy that a fair number of people stopped in to say hello! We’ll announce the next one in the series son, but for now you can find an archive of the stream here:

Next episode up!

Hey all! Next stream this Wednesday! 11am EST! Join us as we talk about creating and importing custom units (and buildings and… well anything you can imagine!)

Stream 3 video is live!

Hey all! Next stream this Wednesday at 11am EST! We’ll be talking all about UNIT MECHANICS and all the small little design levers you can leverage in your designs!

Next (and final for a bit!) stream is tomorrow! Join us to learn all about Supply Lines and Projects

Just put up the stream archive here! That also wraps this series, so thanks to everyone for tuning in!