Operation Star Fall Campagin

A company of the royal hegemony of mars was sent forward to evaluate where the machine menace had went likewise the condition of the planet. Unfortunately they were never heard from again, though their silence spoke volumes.

A simple recon mission turns into a struggle to survive on this alien planet, having made land fall it wouldn’t be too long before the cruiser above was mysteriously taken out.

( Missions Info )
I’ll be uploading the mission files here through a download link since I’m not to sure how else once they are completed.

( Mission 01 ) Land Fall
( Mission 02 ) ???
( Mission 03 ) ???
( P. S ) Until the game is more updated i shall be waiting to produce the next levels. The AI isn’t what i would expect, so once there are more features i’ll be making more maps.

I’ll continue to update this description as i see fit, and when it seems necessary. (16/05/2022)!

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Operation Star Fire|690x372

operation_star_fire.cscenario (2.2 MB)


Congrats on being the first mod post! Do you have an image of the map? Also - I just enabled the ability to attach .cscenario files to posts, so you should be able to add it to your post (drag and drop it on the post).

Amazing! Can’t wait to try this out!

I played your map and thought the level design was really cool, fun to spread out in all directions.
At one point though I destroyed one of the aliens buildings and It ended the game for me, saying I won. It felt kind of anti-climatic since I was just shooting it down while I brought troops in. It didnt seem like it should’ve ended the level.

@kyle It be nice to have an option to keep playing even if we beat the level because there was a lot of hte map left unexplored for me when it ended.

There is! The trigger action used to trigger victory has an option at the end where you can set if the player should be able to continue playing or not:


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Ahh Excellent! I was thinking from the players persepective but nice to know that modders can choose that.