Sharing Modding Ideas and Resources

Hey everyone! Given the fact that we’ve started the new modding series of videos, I’m really interested in what types of maps or terrains people would want to try and make with Cantata!

Here’s the tileset we’re using with the series:


I also used this tileset to make a weird non-pixel art mod already:

I was also looking on OpenGameArt and got the idea to maybe try and make like a turn-based diablo style thing??


I’m also still obviously in love with Advance Wars and I found sprite sheets of the Days or Ruin sprites that would work great in Cantata (though lack the animations)

Generally too The Spriter’s resource has a ton of stuff:

Maybe I’ll make a Front Mission mod??

Would love to know what types of mods people would like to see/what types of terrains they want to create!

The sheet here has… 500 mushroom sprites :eyes:

Who’s going to make a crazy mushroom collecting mod?