The Graveyard


Making games is hard, and if nothing else is a constant battle towards entropy. Along the way, things get cut, rejected, discard, cleaned up, obsoleted, and shuffled away. THE GRAVEYARD is a place where we can pay glorious respects to old code, ideas, systems, etc., that, while they may have served a purpose in the past, have since been cut from the game. These posts will be like mini postmortems from the devs, reporting on things that have been yanked out of the game and replaced with something new, and something we want to remember one last time before their ideas and purposes fade away… like tears in the rain.

I’ve got a few things I want post here, but just wanted to give a proper sendoff to the old forums!


As part of the scenario work, finally bringing the scenario creator prep work into the main menu stuff. As such, finally saying goodbye to this VERY old scene that used to load before you made a new scenario. RIP


goodbye to a real one.

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