Welcome to the Cantata Forums!


Welcome to the Cantata forums!

Things are just starting to get going around here but we’re all glad you’ve decided to show up. Different categories will slowly come online as more of the game is released into the public, but until then feel free to peruse some of the threads in Cantata General to talk and learn about Cantata, or read up on some of the latest news in the News category.

To learn more about Cantata, check out the main website here. On it you can also find a link to the Cantata Guide, an ever-growing resource of information about Cantata’s COs, Factions, Mechanics, and more.

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yo this game looks fucking sick. Can’t wait to play it!


I’ve been looking for games similar to Advance Wars, and this game seems like it has a very distinct style that separates it from the pack. Big fan of this spiritual sci-fi aesthetic. Very intriguing!


Thank you so much!! Glad you dig the style, and yes Advance Wars was a big inspiration. Trying to push beyond that formula though into something new, so excited to see how people who loved AW growing up respond to some of the new design decisions.


Love the artstyle. I always wished for Advance Wars to have an additional strategic layer, so I’m looking forward to see more from this project…


Thanks @Zennofska! That’s definitely one of the aims of the project, I’m really interested to hear what you think. Especially because I think a lot of people have that thought after playing AW but it means different things to different people. What kind of strategic layer stuff would you want to see?


Well, your game guide mentions supply lines which I definitely want to see. Something like Resource Depots, actual lines that can be raided etc. Logistics are the most important thing in strategic warfare.


Yeah definitely supply lines are in! I’m trying to figure out how often to update guide items, but I’m glad you at least saw the tease :slight_smile: For Cantata the lines themselves won’t necessarily be raidable, but they will have failure points that cause a line to “go down” and prevent buildings/units that rely on that supply to be unable to get that supply.

I’ve also definitely toyed with the idea of depots where you can essentially store up supply to make your network resilient against attacks, but as of yet they aren’t implemented. Some stuff like this I need to really see how it shakes out in real gameplay.

And definitely agree on logistics. Right now the game has a victory condition that is based around region control vs. just military victory, so it’s very possible to win a game by playing the map/supply well vs. just trying to overrun an opponent.