Random Development Nuggets


Quick follow up - I’m having to switch up some things now that multiple units per tile isn’t a thing, and one of the systems was the way buildings built on tiles. Before, a building would just dump the unit on its same tile. Even in the old system this was kind of bad because it was unclear where the thing you just built was. Now, you select the tile you want to build the unit on. You can only build on unoccupied tiles, and tiles that your target build unit can “fit” on:


I can easily see how stacking units would be unneeded with the scale of the maps, and confusing with the display method. Actually, I think it looked kinda cool, but I see why it was better that it left. Keep chuggin!


Working through a laundry list of tweaks and fixes in advance of a big push of the game this week. Once nice thing was adding some QoL features to help with the sometimes finnicky isometric perspective. For example, adding nice little hover indicators for units that will be attackable when you are previewing movement!


The chevrons are fire!

I like the high-impact contrast of the white chevrons and pathfinder line, and the tiered FoW alpha levels. I wonder if the blue and black tile color could be more transparent to let those beautiful tiles shine through?


Yeah I was surprised by how the little symbol really gave so much! Also I was surprised to see that the way I implemented it gave me the chevron preview on movement preview as well!

I definitely think there is some UX to be done around preview tile colors, but for now I’ve got them this way so they are at least somewhat unmistakable. It would be pretty easy to add an option to change the colors from the game settings, so I may do that. As for the black tiles, I’m definitely digging them being totally blacked out until you explore them. I think that really encourages the sense of discovery on the map, vs. being able to easily see everything.

That said, I am looking into some way to do a nice grid outline of undiscovered tiles, but I’m unsure what route to take yet.

Also! Been working on some (boring) backend supply stuff! Biggest thing was fixing a bug where supply was only pulling from interactables connected to base nodes, but then also fixing a lot of weird states that crop up when you start reaching the end of your supply alotment. So implementing that looks like this:


What you’re seeing there is that I’m very low on supply, so as I allocate more supply for a given requirement, the pink line comes on to indicate where I can no longer supply past. If you watch closely you can discern that I essentially have 11 supply left, and no matter how I split it between two providers I can only ever give that amount.

Another thing I fixed here was that you could over-allocate supply to a requirement if that requirement had two providers. Meaning if one provider was able to supply to fulfill a requirement of 10, but I had another provider that could also give supply, I was able to give the supply project 10 + however much the second provider could give, which is bad! But it should now be fixed!


Starting to work on the modding tool!

Additionally, working on implementing some fixes based on early alpha feedback!


Looks good! You’re keeping that brutalist UI look going.

I’m always impressed by how forward thinking some of your design choices are. Having the AI tab in now will probably help slot it in later, and fits with how you’ve approached the editor, data storage, etc. Keep chugging!


Thanks! A big part of this game is trying to break down assumptions about strategy/4X in general, so I’m definitely glad that comes through in terms of the design choices you’re noticing :slight_smile: